Eye opening

I was more impressed by the team at ARK; I was inspired. Their passion and energy is contagious. After hearing them speak, I was able to take away valuable lessons and apply them both professionally and personally. I truly valued their seminar on accountability.

Caity Casey, Carma Productions


There are so many inspiring traits that I could emphasize in a testimonial to Chris’s leadership, however a single sentiment is in the forefront of my thoughts… ‘Building through Belief.’ Chris has a precise and keen eye to hone in on, and build on, strengths in individuals and teams. He then takes those strengths and builds better, moreover, successful and positive teams. I have seen Chris inspire people believe in themselves and their potential; growing their abilities further than they even realized possible. He lights a fire in people on the inside, in turn they want to succeed, not only for themselves, but for the belief that he recognized in them.

Upon speaking Chris’s name with my team, the words that kept coming up were: respected, motivating, cheerleader, and a gracious positive, uplifting attitude. Any team can do a job, but my team always strives for him to be proud of what we created, and the legacy that continues as they progress in their future endeavors.

With a warm heart I say thank you, to not only a leader, but a mentor I admire.

Jennifer A. Kozol

You inspired me

Mr. Ryan-Lawrence,

I wanted to thank you for inspiring me further from your lecture! I have always had a strong interest in all types of real estate and have been teetering back and forth on which type to pursue. You just may have convinced me! Thanks again and I look forward to your next guest speaker appearance!

Austin Mobley, University of Georgia

Gave us empowering vision

Chris was one of the most engaging guest speakers we have had. His dynamo personality and inner-passion gave us vision for our future success paths. Chris shared his secrets to achieving the unachievable and encouraged us to ask ourselves questions I never thought to ask myself. Thanks for speaking to us here in Blacksburg!

Madison Kash, Student, Virginia Tech

Hire ARK before your competition does

When I first met the founders of ARK, they told me about some of their unbelievable sales numbers. Unbelievable, as in, I really did not believe them; they couldn’t be true.

Chris then spent several years proving me wrong, by elevating the entire organization and its culture to otherworldly heights. His people performed better than they believed possible, and on top of that, they thoroughly enjoyed it! I had a front row seat to something very special, and I’m glad to see other people now have the opportunity to learn from the team at ARK.

I thought about calling their influence “invaluable,” but, you could analyze historical numbers to see exactly how valuable Chris has been. If you don’t believe me, ask them to give you my cell number.

Jeff Riley, Sales Manager, CBRE

A truly engaging experience

As someone that has never enjoyed a traditional work ‘seminar’ or ‘training’, I have to say that the time we spent with ARK was worth every second. They didn’t spend hours talking about their own successes and in the last 15 minutes turn to an action list of ‘How You Can Too!’.

They were engaging and entertaining while using every chance they had as a teaching opportunity. They’re not afraid to be honest with everyone in the room about what it takes to become the best possible you. They truly do want to empower others to be better employees, leaders, and overall better, happier people.

I would absolutely attend any seminar they were involved with. Well done!

Paul Beauchamp, Marketing Director, Carma Productions