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We work with all of our clients to ensure there is a clear roadmap that defines the actions necessary to achieve the desired goals of the organization. Sometimes, strategies need to change midstream; that’s okay… we’re quick on our feet.



Let’s face it: being a leader can be stressful. We have worked with a variety of personalities over the years and are experts at not allowing our emotions to cloud our professional judgment. We will always provide honest feedback in a professional manner, even when we know it may not be something our client wants to hear, but needs to hear.



We approach each client as a true partner and treat each clients’ businesses as if it were our own. Our relationship doesn’t end after our initial engagement; we believe in the power of relationships and view our clients as part of our family. We have had several clients return after their initial engagement for this very reason.


The ARK Philosophy

With over 40 years of leadership experience between our founders, we POWER stellar performance. No, it’s not just a cute catch phrase, but a mission that drives our daily activities. We approach each engagement as if we are an owner, even when we’re not; that is what makes us unique. We come to the table with a growth mindset from the very beginning. We aren’t shy of speaking the truth nor are we shy of putting in hard work to achieve superstar results!


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Core Services

Our suite of core services has been designed specifically to allow your organization to customize its receivables based on your specific needs.

Success Stories

As someone that has never enjoyed a traditional work ‘seminar’ or ‘training’, I have to say that the time we spent with ARK was worth every second. They didn’t spend hours talking about their own successes and in the last 15 minutes turn to an action list of ‘How You Can Too!’.

They were engaging and entertaining while using every chance they had as a teaching opportunity. They’re not afraid to be honest with everyone in the room about what it takes to become the best possible you. They truly do want to empower others to be better employees, leaders, and overall better, happier people.

I would absolutely attend any seminar ARK was involved with. Well done!

Paul Beauchamp

Marketing Director, Carma Productions

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with the founders of ARK for over ten years. Their ability to dissect situations and projects that seem complicated and turn them into achievable tasks is well above anyone else. They engage people with their energy, sells them on the goal and works alongside of the team until perfection is achieved. Their determination guarantees that ARK will deliver what they promise.  In all of my experiences with ARK, they have over delivered every time.

Lindsay Seay

VP, Portfolio Manager, The Franklin Johnston Group

When I first met the founders of ARK, they told me about some of their unbelievable sales numbers. Unbelievable, as in, I really did not believe them; they couldn’t be true.

Chris then spent several years proving me wrong, by elevating the entire organization and its culture to otherworldly heights. His people performed better than they believed possible, and on top of that, they thoroughly enjoyed it! I had a front row seat to something very special, and I’m glad to see other people now have the opportunity to learn from the team at ARK.

I thought about calling their influence “invaluable,” but, you could analyze historical numbers to see exactly how valuable Chris has been. If you don’t believe me, ask them to give you my cell number.

Jeff Riley

Sales Manager, CBRE


Atlanta, Georgia

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